Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United Kingdom 2011

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United Kingdom 2011

  • Total early-stage entrepreneurial activity¬† (the sum of the nascent entrepreneurship rate and the new business owner-manager rate – without
    double counting) in the UK in 2011 was 7.6%
  • In the UK, 9.8% of working age adults expected to start a business within the next 3 years in 2011, compared with 15.8% in the US
  • When surveyed in mid-2011, 4.2% of the adult population in the UK were actively trying to start a business, compared with 8.3% in the US
  • When surveyed in 2011, 3.4% of the UK working age adult population were owner-managers of a business that was 3 – 42 months old
  • In 2011, the proportion of the adult population who owned and managed a business older than 42 months in the UK was 6.5%
  • Necessity-driven early-stage entrepreneurship in the UK rose significantly in 2011 from 0.7% to 1.3%
  • In 2011, UK levels of female early-stage entrepreneurship were 49% of male early-stage entrepreneurial activity