English Business Survey January 2012

Across all regions except London, more workplaces, weighted by employment, reported lower output rather than higher output in January 2012 compared with October 2011.

Looking forward, the balance of expectations for output in April 2012 compared with January 2012 is positive across all regions, with the majority of workplaces, weighted by employment, expecting higher output.

But not much else going on: labour costs – unchanged, output prices – unchanged, employment – no change and none expected

English Business Survey January 2012

15,000 businesses have disappeared from London

London has lost 15,000 companies – BBC/Experian research

  • The number of businesses in the capital fell from 1,043,983 to 1,028,695
  • 3,169 companies were lost through insolvencies, relocations and closures
  • The London borough of Hounslow saw the biggest fall in its business numbers
  • In Barking and Dagenham between 2010 and 2012, 7,685 new businesses began
  • Newham is London’s top performer for business start-ups. The number rose by 43.3% over the same period, to 14,672.

Childcare affordability in London

Tackling childcare affordability in London: Health and Public Services Committee – London Assembly

  • Childcare costs in the capital are up to a third higher than elsewhere in the UK – an average of £119 a week for a child under two years old.
  • On average, London families spend a larger proportion of their income on childcare and travel than people in the rest of the country.
  • London parents also face more challenges than parents in other regions because of longer working hours, lengthy commutes and being less likely to have family close by to help look after children.