Footfall figures less gloomy

Footfall and Vacancies Monitor: BRC-Springboard

  • Footfall in February was only 0.5% lower than a year ago, an improvement on the 1.2% fall in January
  • This is above the three-month average of -0.8% and best overall footfall performance since May 2014
  • Footfall in out-of-town locations fared the best with a 1.0% increase year-on-year
  • Four regions and countries reported footfall lower than a year ago, with Wales and Greater London reporting the greatest declines

March footfall higher

Footfall Monitor, March 2014: BRC

  • Footfall in March was 1.8% higher than a year ago, significantly up on the 2.9% fall in February and above the three-month average of 0.4%.
  • Footfall on the high street was 2.6% higher than the previous year for March, the largest rise in eleven months
  • Out-of-Town reported the greatest rise, 3.0% higher than a year ago, while footfall in shopping centers was down 0.5% on the previous year.

(Unfortunately, it looks like Easter was quieter than we all hoped)

Dip in footfall

Dip in footfall: BRC

  • Footfall in February was 2.9% lower than a year ago, down on the 1.6% rise in January and below the three-month average of -1.1%.
  • High streets reported the greatest fall, down 5.3%, which is the largest drop since March 2013
  • Footfall in out-of-town locations experienced a rise of 2.3% while shopping centres fell by 2.4%

Falling footfall

Falling footfall: BRC

  • Footfall in October was 2.9% lower than a year ago, down on the 2.4% fall in September.
  • On a three-month rolling basis, this is the worst performance since the start of the year, excluding Easter distortions
  • High streets reported the greatest fall, down 3.6%, followed by shopping centres, unchanged from September’s 2.9% decline.
  • Footfall in out-of-town locations improved slightly to -1.2%.

Empty shops

One in seven shops lies empty: LDC/Retail Times

  • In H1 2013 the GB shop vacancy rate has remained stable at 14.1% (-0.1% on 2012)
  • The number of vacant shops empty shops in the top 650 town centres is 22,339
  • The number of food and beverage (leisure) units has expanded at three times the rate of shops, +0.9% v +0.3%
  • The oversupply of shops in Great Britain has already been identified but, the stock has grown in the last six months by 403 units
  • Wales has the highest national shop vacancy rate at 17.5%
  • Scotland and Wales have shown an improvement in shop vacancy rates by -0.6% and -0.5% respectively whilst England’s worsened by 0.1%
  • The best performing region by a long way (3.4%) is London at 9.4%
  • The worst performing region remains as the North West at 20.1%
  • The East Midlands has shown the greatest improvement at -0.4%
  • Shopping centres continue to have the highest overall vacancy rate at 16.1%, followed by large (13.5%) and medium (11.9%) town centres, retail parks (9.6%) and small town centres (9.2%)

High Street footfall up

Footfall Monitor, June 2013: BRC

  • High street (1.4%) and out-of-town (0.6%) locations both reported footfall increases above the UK average.
  • The footfall trend in shopping centre locations remained in negative territory, falling 3.0% from a 1.7% decline in May
  • Greater London reported a rise in footfall above the UK average (2.4%).
  • In the first six months of 2013, footfall fell on average 1.5% compared with a 2.9% decline during the same period in 2012.


Mixed picture for footfall

I’ve been away and it might take a while for me to catch up – but here we go

Footfall Monitor, May 2013: BRC

  • Footfall in May was 0.7% lower than a year ago, down from the 1.0% rise in April.
  • Footfall in out-of-town locations continued its good performance from April, rising 1.2% in May compared with a year ago, its best performance since November 2012.
  • The high street (-1.0%) and shopping centre (-1.7%) locations both reported footfall below the UK average.
  • The hardest hit parts of the UK were Northern Ireland (-3.1%), the West Midlands (-2.9%) and East Midlands (-2.6%).