Municipal waste

Environment in the EU27: Eurostat

  • In the EU27, 503 kg of municipal waste was generated per person in 2011, while 486 kg of municipal waste was treated per person.
    • 37% was landfilled
    • 23% incinerated,
    • 25% recycled
    • 15% composted

(compared with 56% landfilled, 17% incinerated, 17% recycled and 10% composted in 2001)

Grocery sector’s green progress

Grocery sector on track: WRAP

  • Significant progress by grocery sector signatories against its ambitious waste reduction and recycling targets for food and packaging
  • Considerable reduction in supply chain waste: 8.8% less, well ahead of the three-year target of 5%
  • More than three quarters of the way towards the target 10% carbon reduction for packaging target