Business confidence up

Business Trends: BDO

  • UK business confidence has increased for the tenth consecutive month
  • The Optimism Index, which predicts business performance two quarters ahead, increased from 101.7 in October to a 43-month high of 103.1 in November, taking it comfortably above the 100.0 mark that indicates the UK economy’s long-run average growth rate.
  • The Output Index, which predicts short-run turnover expectations, went up from 100.7 to 101.8 in November
  • The Inflation Index was down from 100.5 in October to 99.7 this month

UK business confidence improving

Business Trends: BDO

  • Business conditions continued to improve in September, as the Output Index increased to 99.5, up from 98.3 the previous month. The last time the index was higher was in July 2010.
  • The Optimism Index reached 100.7 in September, up from 98.0 in August. This level of confidence has not been seen mid-2010
  • Overall inflation expectations for business input prices continued to come down
  • Hiring expectations improved modestly

UK business confidence plummets

Optimism hits a six-month low: Business Trends report – BDO/LLP

  • The optimism index – which predicts business performance two quarters ahead – has hit a six-month low, falling for the fourth consecutive month from 95.5 in May to 93.5 in June.  This is the lowest reading since December 2011
  • The otput index – which forecasts business conditions in one quarter’s time – fell from 96.7 to 94.8. This is the single biggest monthly fall in the index since June 2011

Significant move towards economic growth?

BDO Monthly Business Trends Indices

  • Output Index reaches nine-month high, indicates growth for the first time since summer 2011
  • Business confidence for the second half of the year is more muted
  • Manufacturing Optimism Index indicates poorer prospects for the back end of 2012

Upturn in business confidence

BDO Monthly Business Trends Indices: February 2012

  • The Optimism Index rose in January to 94.1 from 91.5 in December – the largest monthly increase since February 2011
  • BDO’s Inflation Index fell to 105.2 from 106.3 in December, returning the Index to levels unseen since last February
  • The short-term prospects for the UK economy overall, however, remain weak.