About Brian & This Blog

I am a researcher specialising in management and small businesses. I was awarded my PhD for research into human resource management strategies in medium-sized and large organisations.

I mainly work in London although I have carried out research in several other parts of England. I have a lot of experience of carrying out project evaluations and feasibility studies.

I have now perfected the art of keeping a straight face while entrepreneurs from small and huge companies tell the most massive whoppers. This talent has allowed me to focus on getting access to, and feedback from, business people from ‘hard to reach’ and marginalised communities as well as the captains of British industry.

The main purpose of this blog will be to keep my customers, friends, collaborators and everyone else up-to-date with the type of research that I find useful in my work as a small business researcher. Most of the posts will point to contextual information – national statistics and major reports – because that structures the world within which small business operates.


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