Ethnic minority disadvantage in the Labour Market

Ethnic minority disadvantage in the Labour Market: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • Ethnic inequalities in labour market participation have persisted over time; between 2001 and 2011, there remained considerable differences between ethnic groups in employee, self-employed, and unemployment rates.
  • In terms of unemployment, the overwhelming picture is one of continuing ethnic minority disadvantage compared with the White British majority group.
  • There is considerable variability in unemployment rates between places for each ethnic group, as well as between ethnic groups.
  • For those in employment, at the national level ethnic minority groups are most unevenly spread across occupation types.
  • Analysis of Local Enterprise Partnerships highlight that occupational segregation is often higher for men than women.
  • In all locations, mid-skilled occupations are commonly under-represented among ethnic minority groups.

UK’s inflation rate remained at a record low

Consumer Price Indices, March 2015: ONS

  • The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) was unchanged in the year to March 2015, that is, a 12-month rate of 0.0%, the same rate as in the year to February 2015.
  • Falls in clothing and gas prices produced the largest downward contributions to change in the inflation rate.
  • These were offset by a rise in the price of motor fuels and smaller upward contributions from a variety of other products such as food.