Retail sales

Retail sales, Oct 2013: ONS

  • Year-on-year estimates of the quantity bought in the retail industry continue to show growth.  In October 2013, the quantity bought increased by 1.8% compared with October 2012.  On the month the quantity bought decreased by 0.7%. Despite this fall, the underlying pattern in the data as suggested by the three month on three month movement is flat, following a sustained seven month period of growth.
  • Of the four main retail sectors non-food stores and non-store retailing provided the upwards contributions to the year-on-year growth increasing by 2.7% and 16.3% respectively.  Food stores and petrol stations saw falls in the quantity bought of 0.3% and 2.4% respectively.
  • The amount spent in the retail industry in October 2013 increased by 2.5% compared with October 2012 but fell by 0.7% compared with September 2013.  Non-seasonally adjusted data show that the average weekly spend in October 2013 was £6.9 billion.
  • In October 2013, non-seasonally adjusted data show that the proportion of online sales increased by 1.1% compared with October 2012 and accounted for 10.5% of all retail sales (excluding automotive fuel).  Feedback from retailers suggests online specific promotions were the contributing factor to this increase.
  • The annual increase in the prices of goods sold in the retail industry slowed from an increase of 0.9% in September to 0.7% in October.  Consistent with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), the automotive fuel sector provided the largest contribution to this change with the prices of goods sold in this sector falling by 3.5%, the largest fall in the price of goods sold in this sector since September 2009.  Excluding automotive fuel the prices of goods sold increased by 1.3% in October 2013.

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