Empty shops

One in seven shops lies empty: LDC/Retail Times

  • In H1 2013 the GB shop vacancy rate has remained stable at 14.1% (-0.1% on 2012)
  • The number of vacant shops empty shops in the top 650 town centres is 22,339
  • The number of food and beverage (leisure) units has expanded at three times the rate of shops, +0.9% v +0.3%
  • The oversupply of shops in Great Britain has already been identified but, the stock has grown in the last six months by 403 units
  • Wales has the highest national shop vacancy rate at 17.5%
  • Scotland and Wales have shown an improvement in shop vacancy rates by -0.6% and -0.5% respectively whilst England’s worsened by 0.1%
  • The best performing region by a long way (3.4%) is London at 9.4%
  • The worst performing region remains as the North West at 20.1%
  • The East Midlands has shown the greatest improvement at -0.4%
  • Shopping centres continue to have the highest overall vacancy rate at 16.1%, followed by large (13.5%) and medium (11.9%) town centres, retail parks (9.6%) and small town centres (9.2%)

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