Size of Firms in London & the UK

Size of Firms in London, 2001 to 2012: ONS

  • The number of workplaces in London rose from 366,290 in 2001 to 414,375 in 2012 – the number of workplaces in the UK rose from 2.4 million to 2.6 million over this period
  • The number of employees rose from 3.6 million to 4.2 million in London and from 23.9 million to 26.8 million in the UK
  • The proportion of SME workplaces in London has remained steady since 2001 at 88-89% of all workplaces
  • Workplaces belonging to large firms (with 250 or more employees) comprised 11-12% of workplaces in London between 2001 and 2012. Most of these were associated with enterprises with 2,500 or more employees.
  • Most SME workplaces belong to micro enterprises (those with fewer than 10 employees): in 2012, 87% of SME workplaces in London were associated with micro enterprises.
  • Over three-quarters of London’s workplaces belong to micro enterprises, but micro enterprises provided work for only 15% of its employees in 2012. Most  employees work for large enterprises, and almost four out of ten employees in London work for a firm employing 2,500 or more employees.

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