Children’s well-being

Children’s well-being, 2013: ONS

  • In 2010–11, 89 per cent of children said that they were relatively happy with their lives overall and 4 per cent reported being relatively unhappy.
  • A much higher percentage reported being completely happy with their friends and family than with their school, their school work or, particularly, their appearance.
  • Boys were more likely than girls to report being happy with their life overall, their friends and their appearance, while girls were more likely than boys to report being happy with their school work
  • Well over half of respondents were completely happy with their friends (56 per cent) and family (62 per cent).
  • By contrast, less than one in five respondents were completely happy with their school work or appearance (both 19 per cent)
  • Choice and family have the biggest impact on children’s happiness.
  • The quality of children’s relationships with their families is far more important than the structure of the family that they live in.
  • Children in families who have experienced a reduction in income are more likely to have low well-being.
  • Children who do not have clothes to ‘fit in’ with their peers are more than three times as likely to be unhappy with their appearance.


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