Employee Outlook

Employee Outlook: CIPD

  • The Engagement Index shows that the proportion of employees engaged has reduced this quarter. Engagement is highest in small organisations (60% in micro businesses for instance) and decreases as the size of the organisation increases (31% in large organisations).
  • Job satisfaction has also seen a slight decrease this quarter (+44; +47 for the previous two quarters). Respondents from the private sector continue to be most satisfied with their jobs (+48), with voluntary sector respondents in the middle (+41) and the public sector showing the lowest levels of job satisfaction and the largest decrease since last quarter (+33 down from +47).
  • Respondents from the voluntary sector (62%) are now most likely to feel fully or fairly well informed about what is happening within their organisations, with respondents from the private (50%) and public (48%) sectors lagging behind.
  • Public sector employees are significantly more likely to report they are under excessive pressure than employees in the other two main sectors, with 46% saying they are under excessive pressure either every day (17%) or once or twice a week (29%).
  • Public sector respondents are most likely to report a pay freeze, with 71% saying this is the case. The proportion of private sector employees reporting a pay freeze has remained unchanged at 34%, while 41% of voluntary sector respondents report a pay freeze

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