Retail Crime Survey

Retail Crime Survey: BRC

  • The cost of crime has risen significantly again this year, rising by 15.6 per cent, to an overall cost of £1.6 billion
  • The number of incidents has also risen in the majority of offences, with the exception of robbery, which has remained stable and violence against staff, which has reduced by 55 per cent when compared to the previous year
  • Customer theft continues to be the most prevalent when looking at the number of incidents, however, e-crime now equates to the most costly type of crime affecting the sector
  • Expenditure on crime and loss prevention had risen by 7.1 per cent when compared with the previous year
  • Despite the increase in the number of incidents and overall cost of crime, there has been a significant reduction in the number of offences being reported to the police
  • Systematic targeting of higher value goods by organised criminals is pushing up the cost of retail crime but the proportion of shoplifting incidents reported to police has plummeted to just one in eight – highlighting just how much there is to do to build retailers’ confidence in the way police forces respond
  • Retail crime doesn’t only impact on its direct victims but on wider communities. It damages the reputation of local areas and those who steal from shops commit other sorts of crime

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