So how well is the Work Programme doing?

Labour Market Outlook: CIPD

  • Around half (51%) of the 1,004 employers that responded to the survey are aware of the Government’s Work Programme, with awareness highest in the wholesale and retail trade sector (57%).
  • However, while awareness of the Work Programme is mixed, only 7% of employers reported that they had taken part more than a year after its introduction. Employers in the north of England are three times more likely to have participated
  • The proportion of employers (11%) participating in the Work Programme look set to increase in the next three years
  • The majority (79%) of employers that have used the Work Programme say recruits met or exceeded their expectations and more than half (58%) said candidates were better prepared for interviews and demonstrated better presentation skills as a result of the programme
  • Amongst those employers that have recruited via the Work Programme, only half plan to hold on to the new hires for longer than six months and 48% felt that participants lack certain job-specific or technical skills

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