UK business – want more Europe & less Europe

British Chambers of Commerce Survey

  • British businesses value free trade with other European nations but are more likely to be sceptical or unsure about whether the current level of integration in the European Union (EU) is beneficial to their company’s prospects.
  • When asked what kind of trading relationship they would like with Europe, over half of businesses surveyed expressed no opinion. Of those that did, more than half (51%) of exporters favour a ‘free trade area’, versus less than a third (31%) who support the concept of an ‘economic union’.
  • More than half (55%) of all respondents are unsure about which trading relationship with Europe would benefit their business. When broken down, this amounts to a third (33%) of exporters, and a huge two thirds (66%) of non-exporters

So UK businesses want a relationship but don’t want to commit. I’ve known people like that.

  • Support for UK entry into a monetary union like the eurozone was at just 3.9% of all business respondents (no – really?)
  • 4.4% of all respondents favoured leaving the European Union altogether (this is cracking me up)

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