Euro area and EU27 unemployment rates

Euro area and EU27 unemployment rates – Eurostat March 2012

  • The euro area (EA17) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 10.9% in March 2012, compared with 10.8% in February. It was 9.9% in March 2011.
  • The EU27 unemployment rate was 10.2% in March 2012, stable compared with February4. It was 9.4% in March 2011.
  • 24.772 million men and women in the EU27, of whom 17.365 million were in the euro area, were unemployed in March 2012.
  • Compared with February 2012, the number of persons unemployed increased by 193 000 in the EU27 and by 169 000 in the euro area.
  • Compared with March 2011, unemployment rose by 2.123 million in the EU27 and by 1.732 million in the euro area.



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