Clusters of bookies and strip clubs hit economic growth

LGA survey

  • According to most council officers surveyed, clusters of strip clubs and betting shops  are hitting the economic growth of local high streets
  • 76 per cent of council officers believe that strip clubs affect the vibrancy of high streets
  • 69 per cent felt the same about bookies
  • 45 per cent believe fast food takeaways impacted on economic growth

Not sure that I agree with the way this survey is being reported in much of the media – clusters of anything can affect shopping areas.  A ‘cluster’ of funeral directors wouldn’t do much for vibrancy but I’m not sure I would criticise any particular type of retailer more than another. My experience is that retailers and daytime shoppers miss post offices and ‘traditional British’ butchers more than they object to clubs and bookies. And ‘traditional’ restuarants (including Indian restaurants) are concerned about the impact of franchise take-aways more than fast-food outlets in general.

I’m not too sure whether I share the apparently common dislike for bookies either. I don’t bet any more but aren’t bookies a community resource for some sections of the community?

And I’ve never seen a cluster of strip clubs either – but maybe I lead a sheltered life.

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