15,000 businesses have disappeared from London

London has lost 15,000 companies – BBC/Experian research

  • The number of businesses in the capital fell from 1,043,983 to 1,028,695
  • 3,169 companies were lost through insolvencies, relocations and closures
  • The London borough of Hounslow saw the biggest fall in its business numbers
  • In Barking and Dagenham between 2010 and 2012, 7,685 new businesses began
  • Newham is London’s top performer for business start-ups. The number rose by 43.3% over the same period, to 14,672.

One response to “15,000 businesses have disappeared from London

  1. The problem with business policy over the last few years is that it has been focussed on business start-up, but not at the quality end. If policy is to create a business with no reference to whether it has any hope of growing, or employing people, then we will simply end up with lots of very small lifestyle businesses. I believe this is what is behind the drop in figures – these sort of businesses suffer more in a poor economy.

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