First Retail Sales growth for 7 months

First Retail Sales growth for 7 months but little cheer in December

  • The CBI has published its latest monthly Distributive Trades Survey, which covers the first two weeks in December.
  • 41% of companies said sales rose on a year ago in Decembe, 32% reported a fall, giving a balance of +9%.
  • This was better than expected and the first year-on-year sales growth since May (+18%).
  • However, volumes of sales were poor for the time of year with a balance of -16% well below the long-run average.

Wealth in Great Britain

Wealth in Great Britain: Main results, 2008/10 (Part One)

  • Total net property wealth for all private household in Great Britain dropped by over £131 billion (3.7 per cent) between 2006/08 and 2008/10 to £3,375 billion
  • Based on households’ perceived valuations, there was a 3.1 per cent fall in the mean gross value of all property owned by households between 2006/08 and 2008/10
  • There was a 3.3 per cent fall in mean gross value of main residence and a 7.4 per cent fall in the mean for other property
  • The largest decline in mean net property wealth for home owners was seen in households that were ‘Couples with dependent children’, decreasing by 12.4 per cent, compared to the average fall of 4.6 per cent seen for all property owning households
  • The mean net property wealth for property owning households in the regions of the North East, Wales and the North West showed the largest decrease, declining by 8.8, 8.7 and 8.6 respectively.
  • Total household physical wealth rose by £51 billion to £1,012 billion for all households in Great Britain, almost four-fifths of which was the value of the contents of a households’ main residence
  • The mean value of total household physical wealth increased by 4.7 per cent between wave 1 (2006/08) and wave 2 (2008/10)
  • The mean value of household contents increased between waves from £30,300 in 2006/08 to £32,300 in 2008/10
  • The mean value of household physical wealth increased in all regions of Great Britain apart from the North East