Understanding High Street Performance

Understanding High Street Performance

This one from BIS we need to look at alongside the Portas Review: it addresses some of the issues I had with her report on my first reading. But it will take a while to get through it all.

It is “a review of the available research and analysis of the drivers and barriers which impact on the economic and social performance of high streets, in order to provide an independent and robust evidence base….It is also intended to be a key input to the Independent Review of the High Street led by Mary Portas.”


One response to “Understanding High Street Performance

  1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve done quite a bit of work in secondary shopping areas, mainly in London. I think the thing that has surprised me most (but shouldn’t have) is that two shopping areas, less than 2 miles apart, can have such very different experiences of the recession. I think that any successful initiative will need local knowledge and local power to drive it through. You speak to independent retailers and their key issue is parking for customers – but you ease the parking restrictions and the independent retailers and their staff fill up the spaces with their own vehicles. Or you put in shoppers parking and the closest say it has had little effect and the ones 100 yards away complain that it is not close enough. I can’t see anyone except the local authorities having enough clout to juggle these local conflicts.

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