I wanna go to Chelsea

Life expectancy for men in Kensington and Chelsea is nearly six years more than for men in Brent (although the gap narrows a bit if I make it to 65).

Key points:

  • Life expectancy was highest in Kensington and Chelsea and lowest in Glasgow City in each period between 2004–06 and 2008–10
  • On average life expectancy at birth in local areas improved by 1.2 years for males and 1.0 year for females
  • At age 65 the average increase in local areas was 1.0 year for men and 0.9 years for women
  • The gap between the local areas with the highest and lowest life expectancies increased between 2004–06 and 2008–10
  • At birth the gap increased from 12.5 to 13.5 years for males and from 10.1 to 11.8 years for females

Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by local areas in the United Kingdom, 2004–06 to 2008–10

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